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On Deck from ABCNY
…and More Treasures.


In February, 2014, the Law Library received its latest installment of historical foreign law from the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. This shipment comprises Finland (22 linear feet), Liechtenstein (6 l.f.), Poland (21 l.f.), Portugal (101 l.f.), Spain (264 l.f.), and Yugoslavia (6 l.f.). Processing of these materials continues apace and they will be available for use shortly.

In addition to this mostly nineteenth- and twentieth-century foreign law group, the Law Library has added to its collection a cache of sixteenth-century works held by ABCNY, including Rastell’s A Colleccion of Entrees (1566), Richard Tottel’s 1572 printing of La Vieux Natura Breuium, a second edition Tottel printing of Sir William Staunford’s Les Plees del Coron (1567), and the Holy Roman Empire procedural work Der Richterlich Clagspiegel [1521].

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